The Corona virus is on everyone's lips, here we keep you informed. You can also find out more at
Federal Foreign Office (Germany) & Robert Koch Institute

here the restrictions in the country are so severe that travel cannot be carried out as advertised. All guests arriving up to 6 weeks after today's date can cancel the tour free of charge until further notice or rebook it free of charge for another trip in 2020. It is also possible to book the trips between Mantova and Venice for 2021.

the number of infected is low, but there are extensive restrictions. The trips will take place as planned at the moment. There may be increased border controls.

Danube (Austria/Hungary):
the number of infected persons is manageable, schools and shops (except grocery stores, pharmacies etc.) remain closed. Restaurants, pubs and coffee houses must close at 3 pm. All trips in March and April are cancelled and will be cancelled or rebooked free of charge.

the number of infected persons is manageable, events with over 100 participants were cancelled. All trips till 30th April are cancelled, as things stand at the moment, the trips in May will take place as planned. There may be increased border controls.

the number of infected people is manageable, but there are extensive restrictions. Schools and shops (except grocery stores, pharmacies, etc.) are closed, as well as restaurants, cafés and museums. All trips in March are cancelled and will be cancelled or rebooked free of charge.

Lake Constance:
the number of infected people is manageable, but there are considerable restrictions starting Monday. Among other things, the borders are closed for travelers. Therefore, all trips to Lake Constance starting before 30.04. will be cancelled and rebooked or cancelled free of charge.

General information about boat & bike:
The US government has advised travelers with health problems to avoid cruises at this time. However, this concerns large ships on the oceans with thousands of passengers and crew members.
The ships for boat & bike travel differ significantly from this. They are much smaller, only travel very short distances every day and are permanently located in areas with
direct access to high quality medical care. Guests spend most of the day outside. In combination with a high level of hygiene on board, the risk of contamination on these boats can be minimized.
For all boats: compulsory disinfection of hands, additional disinfection measures and intensified cleaning protocols
For many boats: single meals at the table, no buffet
You yourself can also contribute: only arrive when you feel fit and healthy; (temporarily) refrain from shaking hands and kissing; coughing and sneezing in the elbows or in paper handkerchiefs to be disposed of; washing your hands regularly.

General cancellation policy:
If an official travel warning is issued for a country or region in a timely manner or if the journey to the holiday destination is not possible due to state-ordered measures, you naturally have the right to cancel or rebook free of charge. In all other cases, the cancellation conditions are the basis and must be discussed in each individual case.

According to current knowledge, the virus is quite contagious, but by far not as dangerous as many pathogens that people in other regions have to deal with. Therefore: Caution yes - panic no.

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