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The First Time

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Best-BikeTours - along Lake Constance

Lake Constance

the greatest website for cycling holiday at Lake Constance - packages, accomodation and more

Popular trips from our program:

Extend the summer: vacation with bike and ship in Croatia

Danube by Boat & Bike, e.g.
MS Primadonna, MS SE-Manon, MS Vivienne

The special tour: with 6-10 guests on MS Miró

Best-BikeTours – Specialists plan your Bicycle Holiday in Europe and Germany. Well established in our home regions Lake Constance and Passau – Vienna, we develop great bicycle tours, individual and unguided, according to our motto:

Nature – Culture – Adventure

Take your doctor’s or wife’s advice, or give in to your husband’s nagging, get on your bike and experience a unique holiday. Would you like some more information on how our bicycle holidays work? Read more on our page „The first time“.

Best-BikeTours - Cycling Passau Vienna

Passau Vienna

the greatest website for cycling from Passau to Vienna - packages, accomodation and more

Best-BikeTours - boat and Bike

Boat and Bike

The unique type of traveling in Holland, Flanders and along the major rivers

Best-BikeTours - Cycling Lake Constance - Cycling Passau Vienna

You would like to plan your bicycle holiday on your own?

You will find all necessary information and many suggestions on our regional web pages.

You would like to book a well-organised package holiday with an experienced tour operator?

Best-Bike Tours has a wide selection of bicycle tours, catering to diverse requirements and offering great value for money.

We look forward to meeting you!

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